Aspira is committed to supporting our students and their families and it is taking actions to help those in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Members of our maintenance team are heading to Puerto Rico to help the families and the community, Also, students had driven a fundraising campaign to donate the money to the Mexican Red Cross. And October 12th we are going to celebrate the Heritage Hispanic month with a gathering event at our parking lot. We hope to see you all there to show our support our brothers and sisters from Mexico and Puerto Rico.

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    ASPIRA Early College High School’s mission is to create life-long learners, critical thinkers and open-minded global citizens prepared to meet 21st Century challenges. Our expectation is that every student will succeed, both here at AEC and beyond!




    ASPIRA Early College High School helps students navigate the road to college and post-secondary life. With more than 90 percent of students on the road to becoming first-generation college students, AEC offers a rigorous curriculum that opens doors to two- and four-year institutions. The school also provides guidance on scholarships, financial aid, and career-readiness initiatives.

    AEC has a robust set of honors and Advanced Placement classes. Students are also encouraged to take college classes in their junior and senior years, receiving both high school and college credit through dual enrollment opportunities at Northeastern Illinois University and Wilbur Wright College at no cost to parents.

    Teachers are invested in student success at AEC, often meeting before and after school to ensure that class requirements are understood and completed. The school also offers mandatory and optional tutoring for students struggling in their classes, and for those who just need additional time with their teachers to grapple with difficult concepts. Students who fall behind may take courses online through our Aventa and ELO programs to recover past credits and remain on track to graduate with their peers.



    From Film Studies and the Debate Team to Capoeira and Zumba— AEC staff volunteer to host a variety of clubs based on student interest. AEC also offers sports programs, including girls and boys soccer. The school-wide Talent Show is an annual highlight. Students are encouraged to exercise leadership in the Student Council and the historic ASPIRA Leadership Club, as well as organizing dances, the prom, and school spirit activities. 


    Parent and family engagement is central to student success. Our diverse, multilingual staff creates an inclusive environment so parents can fully engage in their child’s education. The school has its own parent club, and ASPIRA provides parent-centered programming and resources for families who need additional support.

     AEC alumni are encouraged to return for support after graduation. This is critical, especially for first-generation college students who may find the first years of college daunting. At AEC, alumni can find guidance among our staff to help them re-focus and stay the course. Once an Aspirante always an Aspirante!


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