Welcome to ASPIRA Antonia Pantoja High School!


    As a campus of Youth Connection Charter School, Antonia Pantoja High School (APHS) was created with the philosophy that all students deserve a second, better chance at obtaining a high school diploma.

    We understand that students leave traditional schools for many reasons. Some students leave for chronic truancy, economic reasons, housing needs, safety concerns, mental health concerns, legal reasons, and/or parenting concerns.
    We meet students where they are at, fully understanding that students cannot learn until their basic needs are met.  As such, Antonia
    Pantoja High School, as other ASPIRA schools, works diligently with other community organizations and non-profit agencies, to assist our students in meeting their basic needs, which will then allow them to focus on learning.
    Do you think this is the right school for you? Take a look at our minimum  requirements:
    All students must be between ages 16 to 21 to be enrolled at Pantoja HS. Although there is not a minimum number of credits needed to enter into APHS, potential students should take transcripts to see if they have enough credits to graduate from the school.