• ASPIRA Leadership Clubs


    The Leadership Clubs are the core of the Center, both locally and nationally. Students participating in the clubs learn the ASPIRA Process of awareness, analysis and action.


    The program provides leadership training, cultural enrichment activities and community action projects that help students reach their full potential, sharpen their skills and become effective leaders of their communities.


    Each club is represented at the ASPIRA Clubs Federation, an assembly that convenes weekly to discuss action-oriented activities.


    ASPIRA's Youth Leadership Development Program is based on these principles:


    • Young people are a community asset, not a problem.
    • Building meaningful relationships across race, class, gender, sexual identity and generations will strengthen the existing social capital of young people in low-income communities.
    • Youth leadership development is a process, not an event. Caring adults need to invest in young people over a period of years.
    • Young people need to be actively engaged in community change at all levels, from the street corner to the boardroom.
    • Society must acknowledge and embrace the idea that youth are talented and capable of leading community change.
    • Young people must lead positive change themselves in order for it to succeed.
    • Leadership programs must identify, nurture and support more than a talented elite.
    • The process of developing young leaders begins with learning how to learn.


    ASPIRA Clubs complete four projects during the school year; each project has a different focus in community, education, government and economics. Projects are documented by each club and then reviewed by an impartial panel that selects the best project and the club of the year. Student accomplishments are celebrated during the Leadership Development Institute at the end of the school year. They include high school graduation honors, most-improved students awards and best clubs projects.


    Participating schools in Illinois:


    ASPIRA Early College
    ASPIRA Haugan Middle School
    ASPIRA Mirta Ramirez High School
    ASPIRA Antonia Pantoja High School
    Prosser High School
    Roberto Clemente Community Academy
    Wells Academy
    Lane Tech High School
    Schurz High School
    Oak Park River Forest High School
    Kelvyn Park High School
    North Grand High School


    Are you interested in bringing an ASPIRA Youth Leadership Club to your middle or high school?

    Contact Gricel Moran at gmoran@aspirail.org to learn more!