•  Technology At ASPIRA 

    Providing access to cutting-edge technology, and exposing our students as early as possible, helps ensure that they graduate with the 21st century tools needed to excel in a multitude of settings, especially those that heavily rely on technology to deliver services and classes. At ASPIRA, we want to give students the building blocks to not only be users of technology, but future participants in the industry of technology, as well as good digital citizens. There are many fields that are part of this large field, including programming, technical support, hardware repair, sales, management, and many more. 

    Digital Citizenship 

    Online safety, privacy, cyberbullying, and other challenges that may arise while online can seem like a daunting task for a young person to navigate. In order to maximize the opportunities and benefits that technology provides our students, ASPIRA has partnered with Common Sense Media to help with these efforts. Common Sense Education's K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum helps build skills around critical thinking, ethical discussion, and decision making that help avoid the pitfalls of irresponsible use or the internet and technology. 

    ABFHS Media Center
    When the ASPIRA Business and Finance School opened in the fall of 2015, we also unveiled our multi-media center. A state-of-the-art collaboration center, this area was built with the intent to train and prep our students to work in the current world of video-conferencing, group projects, and agile thinking. 
    AEC Robotics Club

    Established in the 2014-15 academic year, the ASPIRA Early College High School established its Robotics Club. Initially established to learn the basics, the group has flourished and will be entering their first competition in the Spring of 2016!

    Resources for Teachers

    Like our students, it is important that teachers are supported. ASPIRA strives to create learning communities to advance their goals. In that spirit, we are creating a video-based training archive system that supports ongoing learning for adult education and onboarding of new systems. This is the foundation of an ASPIRA-wide, rigorous, revolving system for community-wide growth!