• Technology At ASPIRA

    ASPIRA's Information Technology (IT) Department is youth, educator, and future-focused. With sights set on completing a 1:1 computer environment at all ASPIRA schools by 2017, the IT department works with leadership and staff to foster a culture of responsible use of technology by promoting positive digital citizenship and showing students how to use "technology for life" while also encouraging respect for others in an ever-changing environment. Through providing students with the building blocks and competencies to not only be users of technology, we also encourage our young users to become participants in the tech industry, such as programming, technical support, hardware repair, sales, management, and beyond. 

    Digital Citizenship

    With great advances in technology, also come challenges that require attention and guidance. In partnership with Common Sense Media, ASPIRA helps build a positive school culture that supports the safe and responsible use of technology with Common Sense Education's K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum. Through this curriculum, students and teachers can safely discuss how to navigate 21st Century challenges that young people face such as cyber-bullying, internet privacy and safety, and other digital dilemmas. While recognizing that these potentially harmful issues exist, the curriculum also recognizes how technology also provides incredible opportunities for students to learn, connect, create, and collaborate in ways never before imagined. 

    Multi-Media Center

    Media Center At the heart of the ASPIRA Business and Finance High School is our multi-media center. This state-of-the-art center is designed to be the hub of collaboration at ABFHS, as well as the ASPIRA community, and a training ground where they will learn how to utilize modern techniques (such as video conferencing and online project management) to achieve academic goals and foster career-preparedness.

    Support for Teachers

    As technology evolves, teachers need learning communities as much as students do. As such, the IT department is creating a video-based training archive system that supports ongoing learning for adult education and on-boarding of new systems. This is the foundation of an ASPIRA-wide, rigorous revolving system for community-wide growth. 

     Open Computer Lab at Miguel Del Valle Youth Development Center

    While many of our young people have daily access to technology at school, they do not necessarily have access to these resources at home. To support the needs of our young people, the Miguel Del Valle Youth Center is equipped with an open computer lab, which can be used after school, and regularly holds workshops that reflect the culture in our schools. This lab is also utilized to carry out programmatic goals that are academic and career-focused.